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CASA México, la Organización Global Alliance y la Asamblea de las Naciones Unidas por los Derechos de la Madre Tierra


April 30/2015

Huehuecóyotl, Mexico


My name is Coyote Alberto Ruz, I live since 1982 at Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage, here in the mountains of México, and I have been invited to participate in this dialog by Mumta Ito, from

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature.


This year, like almost every year since 1970, on April 22th we commemorated International Mother Earth Day here in Mexico City, like we did in the past in many other places and countries.


Our modest Festival of Earth Guardians or Earth Keepers took place at a Cultural Center downtown, and with a couple hundred of participants, we held a traditional ceremony to begin

the program, followed by several practical workshops related to the care of the Mother, conferences and audiovisual presentations about the struggle against Monsanto and other OMG seed producing transnationals, and about the origins of the Ecovillages Movement here in Mexico and Latinamerica. We ended the joyful celebration with live music and dance until late hours in the night.


We are sure that similar events took place in many corners from the Earth, and that slowly, year after year, a larger percent of the human population is taking that Earth Day as a moment to reflect on the impact of our daily activities on the health and future of our common Mother. And we know that the rising consciousness that she is alive and that we are only one specie among millions others that depend on her life, is reaching wider and wider circles of ecoactivists,indigenous people, spiritual leaders, artists, young people, and more and more even the world of scientists, politicians and lawyers, that are beginning to understand that when our ancestors said centuries ago : “The Earth is not ours, we are from the Earth” or that when they prayed they always did it “For all our relations”, this was not only a nice phrase, poetry or a wishful saying, but that those words reflected the knowledge and wisdom that without our Mother, we humans, would had never existed.


After more than five decades of being a social and environmental activist, mostly dedicated to

create and articulate experimental centers for a sustainable present and future, ecovillages, permacultural projects, networks of Earth Keepers in four continents, a few years ago I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to promote a biocentric legislation, locally, nationally and globally, as a Universal umbrella for all the existing initiatives for our Mother Nature´s protection.


We have tried in several occasions to reach the United Nations General Assembly, to bring into its Agenda the subject that today we see named: “Harmony with Nature: Towards achieving sustainable developments goals addressing climate change in the post2015”, and we feel that this is an important step, in the correct direction in which we would like the UN move more and more. But we also know that this is not enough.


We know that the process to have a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, already approved nationally in Ecuador and Bolivia, locally in Mexico City and several cities and counties in the United States and Europe, will have to confront many obstacles & resistances to be approved worldwide. But we have the certitude that if it took centuries to approve at the UN in 1948 a Declaration of Human Rights, we won’t need, and we won’t have

the time, to change what needs to be changed, at a personal, social and global level, to have a large sufficient critical mass of ecoconscious human beings, to achieve our common goals. In order to contribute to create the legal tools to assure a real protection of all the sources of life for all living beings, human and not human, that are all the children of our one Mother, we need the laws, we need a civil education, we need the understanding of its importance worldwide, we need the support of all public and private institutions, we need a conscious media and we need the instruments for those laws to be applied.


And this is a long road, which can only be walked, if “we walk our talk”, like some wise indigenous have taught us we should learn to do.


I hope this dialog can thus, turn into right actions, because as the recently deceased great Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano said: “WE ARE WHAT WE DO IN ORDER TO CHANGE WHO WE ARE”



Coyote Alberto Ruz

Ecovillage Huehuecoyotl in Mexico

Global Ecovillage Network

C.A.S.A Continental (Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America)

Consejo de Visiones Guardianes de la Tierra (Vision Council of Earth Keepers)

Adviser to the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City on Rights of Nature

Ashoka member since year 2000

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